Thursday, April 10, 2008

Pooh Shoes

The other morning I was getting K ready for school and went to put on some cute hot pink shoes that matched her girly outfit for the day. As I was about to put the first shoe on she started to yell, "Pooooooo. Poooooooooo. Poooooo." I looked up and realized that she was pointing to her Winne the Pooh shoes. So my girl has an opinion about her shoes for the day....I gave in and let her wear the shoes she wanted! Why not? She's a girly girl and can wear her Pooh shoes if she wants to!

storms in the night

3:42 am - tornado sirens go off
3:43 am - waiting for the tv to come on so we can check out the weather (it's a flat screen and for some reason they take a long time to come on)
3:45 am - Ed and I are frantically looking for a flashlight
3:50 am - Ed and I are quickly cleaning out the downstairs closet (the ONLY room in the house that has 4 inside walls...WHAT?!?!)
3:55 am - Ed is moving from the front door to the back door checking out the storm
4:00 am - Ed and I are sitting at the top of the stairs wondering what we should do - should we wake K up or go back to bed (the siren has stopped at this time)
4:15 am - lying in bed listening to the storm rage (yes, rage) around us.
4:30 am - wishing I could go back to sleep
4:35am - K starts crying - what? She didn't wake up at all through the tornado sirens or the lightning or thunder...but NOW she is going to wake up. Thus begins the series of "visits to her room to make sure she has all she needs to sleep.
4:45 am - I casually mention to Ed that he could just bring K in our room.
5:00 am - K is rolling around between up and popping her head up. I almost attempt to take her back to bed and she quickly quiets down and goes to sleep.
5:15 am - I'm still awake listening to my two favorite people sleep....loudly.
5:16 am - I turn off the alarm clock in hopes of actually going to sleep for more than 5 minutes.
6:40 am - The cutest girl in the world wakes up and showers us with her hugs and kisses! That's a great way to wake up after a rough night of storms.
8:39 am - roll into work to find out that we are not to be on campus until the electricity comes back on...seriously? So even though I've gotten nothing done this week, I came home to spend the day with K.