Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Mommy Instincts

You know that feeling you get when something is going to happen or maybe you need to rethink things before something friend calls it "Mommy Gut." I call it a God-given mommy instinct that helps me protect those I love. I recently had a mommy instinct moment...

We were on vacation and being on vacation means I have to search through online menus before going to a restaurant and ask a lot of questions at the restaurants because my daughter has some food allergies. Normally we deal with nuts and milk, but nothing else (she's a picky eater). We went to a place while we were out one day and I didn't have time to check out the menu beforehand. We asked a lot of questions and decided she would split fish and chips with my husband.

The food arrived and as I was getting ketchup for her, I had an image float through my mind of the sheet of allergens from the allergist. At the top left was just so happens that the fish we ordered was cod. I questioned myself several time, but ultimately decided to go with my mommy gut. I told my husband not to let her eat it.

Fast forward a few days later, we got home and dug up the allergy sheet. At the top left of the page was listed cod. I'm grateful #1 to have Mommy gut or Mommy instinct and #2 that I listened to it. I can only imagine what kinds of things we might have dealt with if I had talked myself out of it. So, if you get those "feelings" sometimes, go with it.