Thursday, October 9, 2008

Kid UN-Friendly Restaurants

I have not thought much in the past about if a restaurant is kid-friendly or not. And by that, I mean that they have a kid's menu and crayons. I think I haven't thought about it because we have never been to one that didn't have those things....until last night. We went to dinner at PF Chang's and after we were seated the hostess brought us one of those toys that you can draw on using the magnet (the name of them eludes me right now). I simply thought the menu and crayons would be coming. We ordered our food then asked if there was a kid's menu. The waiter proceeded to tell us the things that they would make for kids, but that there was no kid's menu. Fortunately, they did have some chicken nugget type things that K ate (dipped in ketchup, of course). But it made me realize that not all restaurants cater to families with kids. It wasn't that we weren't welcome there, we just weren't welcomed with a kid's menu and crayons.

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