Friday, August 13, 2010

Playdough and Crayons

Yesterday, K and I set out to make some crayons and play dough to give in the goody bags for her b-day party this weekend. I did a little Internet research and we started on the crayons first. I read a good tip to soak the crayons beforehand so the paper would come off worked great! I used mini muffin tins and I didn't really like how they came out. Some of the colors didn't melt quite enough and there was also a weird layer of non colored wax on the top. I think it was cheap crayons....
Then we started on the play dough. I used this recipe:
I halved the recipe and did end up having to add a little more flour to get it more like play dough. K had a great time stirring and kneading the dough...then we bagged it all up for the goody bags. I hope all our friends like it tomorrow!

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