Friday, October 3, 2014

Day 3: Wife

I am wife to my amazing husband, Ed. We met later in our lives, but knew we were meant to be together from the beginning. He was everything I was looking for and what I didn't know I was looking for. I love being a wife! We've been married 11 years and through all of it, we have learned and grown together.

We've had highs and lows (what marriage doesn't), but through it all I know that Ed has my back and that he is looking out for our family! He's a hard worker and has great integrity! Since this is becoming more about my hubby the me being a wife, I'll list the top five things I love about him!

  1. He's a puppet! (we joke around about this - he actually is a puppeteer, but sometimes it's hard to tell the difference between the puppet and the puppeteer.) I always said I'd marry a man with an accent....he has (at least) TWELVE!
  2. Not much keeps Ed from laughing. I fall down, he'll laugh but help me up. He does something stupid and he laughs at it. He has helped me be less serious about EVERYTHING and I hope I've helped him be a little more serious! :)
  3. He's a great daddy to our girls. He reads to them EVERY. NIGHT. He prays with them. He plays with them. He teaches them. He takes them places with him to give me a break. They adore him!!
  4. He has a great sense of loyalty to his family and mine. No matter what's going on with anyone, he's loyal.
  5. He loves Jesus "first most of all." It was made very clear that Jesus is Ed's first love (not me). And I'm okay with that! It makes it okay for me to love Jesus first, too! And sets the example for our girls to love Jesus first.
I love my husband and love being a wife to him! I desire to be the best wife possible to him all the days of my life!

Crazy windy day for taking pictures! 
At Ed's favorite place - the beach!

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